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More photos of Evelyn and Rity’s Wedding!


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“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

More photos- who can resist? This wedding was BEAUTIFUL!
Photography by John Larkin

The tent all set up and ready to party!!

The gift table at the cocktail hour (in the house)

The Harpist playing at the Cocktail Hour

Lanterns guiding the path to the tent

Dancing in the tent, Dancing outside the tent- the band could be heard from everywhere- and they were AMAZING!

Walking to the tent after photos- “follow the white lantern road”

The first dance

Tent reflected in the pool

A moonlit stroll around the pool…


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The First Official Wedding at the Wadsworth Homestead as a Venue!

The Guests!

Getting Ready (John Larkin Photography)

The Dress! (John Larkin Photography)

The Blue Room (John Larkin Photography)

The Big Reveal! (John Larkin Photography)

Take the Stairs (John Larkin Photography)

Old School (John Larkin Photography)

The Wedding Party (John Larkin Photography)

Lunch (John Larkin Photography)

The Porch (John Larkin Photography)

The Smoking Room (John Larkin Photography)

The Wall (John Larkin Photography)

The Field!

The Pool (John Larkin Photography)













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Lauren Wadsworth and Crista Burke’s Engagement Shoot

Lauren And Crista Engagement Shoot 3

So many cool places to explore outdoors 🙂

Lauren And Crista Engagement Shoot 1
The Bath House before the construction! You wont believe the changes!
Lauren And Crista Engagement Shoot 1

Out in the field!

Lauren And Crista Engagement Shoot 2

Photography by John Larkin Photography!

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