Frequently asked questions:

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: The deposits are non-refundable but be can be passed forward to a different date in the same calendar year without penalty.


Q: Will I have exclusive use of the facility during my event?

A:  Once your event begins, you will have exclusive use of the facility until the conclusion of your stay.


Q: Can I use an outside caterer?

A: In order to guarantee a high standard of quality our in-house caterer will provide all food and beverage service


Q: Can we have children at our event?

A: Yes, we would appreciate adequate supervision of children for their safety


Q: Will I be able to get ready on site?

A: Yes, we will provide a room upstairs for your wedding party to get ready prior to your event


Q: How soon can I arrive in order to decorate?

A: Arrangements can be made for the day before the wedding starting at noon